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Asiae, Qua Vulgó Minor Dicitur, et Syriae Tabula Geographica, quantum per subsidia licuit elaborata, Opere, si quod...

Antique Asiae, Qua Vulgó Minor Dicitur, et Syriae Tabula Geographica, quantum per subsidia licuit elaborata, Opere, si quod aliud in antiqua Geographia, arduo. Quam Tabulam Clariss. Dom. Comes de Cyalus in aere incidi curavit. Auctor D ´Anville Regiae Humaniorum Litterarum Academiae et Scientiarum Petropolitanae Socius, Seremissimo Aurelianorum Duci á Secretis. MDCCLXIV.

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  • Paris
  • 1764
  • Copper engraving / Original color.
  • Asia
  • 1764
  • map
  • 50.3 x 61,8 cm (19.75 x 24,25 inches).
  • 26297
  • With two old mendings in the left blank margin, not affecting the image of the map at all. Two old folds hardly visible from the atlas, in very good to excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Copper engraving, hand colored in outline and wash. A highly decorative map of Asia Minor (Turkey) with Cyprus and the Near East. with many engraved place names, mountains, rivers, historical sites; further with engraved political borders of the individual regions. a decorative map also equipped with an inset map of the famous Troja (Troas) region in the northwestern part of Turkey. A strong impression of this map.

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