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Nolin, Jean-Baptiste

L'Amerique Dreßeé Sur les Relations les plus Recentes rectifiées sur les dernieres observations Dedieé et...


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  • Paris
  • 1740
  • Copper engraving / later hand color
  • 1740
  • map
  • Nolin's wall map of the Americas
  • 1256 by 1413mm (49½ by 55¾ inches).
  • 29561
  • In very good condition. It is overall a very well preserved example. The map, which was original mounted on linen, was taken off from the old linen, carefully restored and the re-mounted on acid-free conservation paper. There is hartly no significant loss of any part image of the map, the section of vignette no. 30 with a small loss of text.

Article description

Article description

The map was engraved and published in 1740 by Jean-Baptiste Nolin II, mainly based on earlier maps, which where produced by his father. Original copper engraving, printed from four sheets and joint together, surrounded by 30 engraved vignettes and descriptive text sheets, mounted on paper. This is the first state of the monumental, rare wall map of the Americas by the great French master of cartography Jean-Baptiste Nolin. A beautiful decorative composition of a map of the Americas including the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and surrounded by thirty beautiful engraved scenes realated to the exploration and the history of the New World. These fine 30 engraved scenes are all surrounded by baroque decorations in form of a individual frames, which are often decorated by flowers or fruits as well. Further the map is equipped in the Atlantic -and Pacific Ocean with sailing ships of explorers, several sea monsters and and also are engraved the various travelroutes by sea of the explorations towards the New World in the 16th and 17th century. In the Pacific Ocean a massive sea battle is shown near the Marquesas Islands. Among the engraved various travel routes we find the dates and names of Christopher Colombus, Schouten, Álvaro de Mendaña, Magellan, Ferdinand de Quiros, etc. - The large decorative title cartouche shows on the left side ministering French Jesuits and on the right side native Indians of the Americas. In the lower left corner another beautiful cartouche to equip the mileage scale, which is depicting European (French troops) shooting at man-eating cannibal natives.

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