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Seutter, Matthäus

Principali Dignitate Gaudens Comitat. Tirolis Episcopat. Tridentinum et Brixiensem ut et Comitat. Brigantinum...

Antique Principali Dignitate Gaudens Comitat. Tirolis Episcopat. Tridentinum et Brixiensem ut et Comitat. Brigantinum Feldkirch Sonneberg et Pludentinum contingens quo ad omnes Urbes, oppida, acres, coenobia, pagos exactissime designata cura et manu Matthaei Seutteri.

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  • M. Seutter , Augsburg
  • 1720
  • Copper engraving / Original color.
  • Antique Map
  • 1720-40
  • Tirol
  • 492 by 572mm (19¼ by 22½ inches).
  • 16610
  • In excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Copper-engraving, handcolored in wash and outline when published., Decorative map of the dominion of Tirol with the bishopric of Trient and Brixen, the duchies of Bregenz, Feldkirch, Sonneberg and Bludenz. The political borders are all divided up in various colors in wash and outline., The map provides a lot of information on towns and small place names, castles, monastries, rivers, lakes, mountains, streets, etc. Ornated in the lower right corner with a highly decorative allegoric title cartouche, showing people in the wine yards with a hunter in the foreground. A milage scale scale with a coat of arms (Tirolian eagle) in the lower left corner.

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