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Weigel, Christoph

Aegyptus, antiqua in fuas Partes et Nomos divila, cum troglodytice, marmarica et Aethiopia fupra Aegyptum - curante...

Antique Aegyptus, antiqua in fuas Partes et Nomos divila, cum troglodytice, marmarica et Aethiopia fupra Aegyptum - curante Christophoro Weigelio Norimb.

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  • Chr. Weigel. , Nürnberg
  • 1719
  • Copper engraving / Original color.
  • Antique Map, map
  • 1719
  • Egypt & the Red Sea
  • 399 by 326mm (15 by 12 inches).
  • 18363
  • In very good condition, a minor hardly visable crease in the lower part of the map. 399 by 326mm (15 by 12 inches).

Article description

Article description

Original antique copper engraving, hand colored in outline and wash when published. The map shows the 'antique Egypt' and the neighbouring Red Sea, as well detailled the river Nile with the Niledelta. Many antique place names are found on the map, as well some mountains, lakes and oasis. In the lower left corner a decorative title cartouche ornated with antique coins with symbols to the 'antique Egypt'. Johann Christoph Weigel, known as Christoph Weigel the Elder (9 November 1654 – 5 February 1725), was a German engraver, art dealer and publisher. He was born at Redwitz, Free imperial city of Eger in Egerland, and died in Nuremberg, aged 70. The cartographer Weigel worked around 1719 in Nürnberg and his maps are showing the typical style of this period in map making in Southern German. He worked very close as with Johann B. Homann in Nürnberg. All his maps were hand colored in outline and decorative body color immediatelly in his printing house, after they were printed.

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