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van Keulen, Joan.

Nieuwe Paskaert, Van de Kust van Genehoa. als Medesen gedeelte van Gambia, beginnende an C. Blanco tot C. Verde, Met...

Antique Nieuwe Paskaert, Van de Kust van Genehoa. als Medesen gedeelte van Gambia, beginnende an C. Blanco tot C. Verde, Met al syn diepten ende droogten, dus ver Naeukeurig op gestelt. Met Prevelegie voor 15 Jaer. - t Amsterdam by Johannus von Keulen - Boeck verkoper en graad bogemaker tegen over de Nieubrugh in de gekroonde Lootsman.

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  • C. Vogt , Amsterdam
  • 1684
  • Antique Map, map
  • Copper engraving / Uncolored
  • West Africa
  • 1684
  • 504 by 581mm (19 by 22 inches).
  • 18816
  • In excellent condition. 504 by 581mm (19 by 22 inches).

Article description

Article description

Original antique copper engraving, uncolored as published. The Dutch firm and printing house van Keulen was one of the most important and leading publishers for sea charts during the ending 17th century. Their firm was leading in providing charts to the Dutch East India company also their charts relating to the Americas were of high importance. Most charts were highly accurate for that period and were as well nicely ornated with decorative allegoric cartouches. Johannes van Keulen (1654 in Deventer – 1715 in Amsterdam) was a 17th-century Dutch cartographer. He published the influential nautical atlas the Zee-Atlas and the pilot guide Zee-Fakkel (meaning Sea-Torch in English). In 1678 Johannes van Keulen established himself in Amsterdam and in 1680 he obtained a patent from the States of Holland and West Friesland allowing him to print and publish maritime atlases and shipping guides. These were books of maps and descriptions of itineraries, used by helmsmen for safe navigation. The patent was a kind of protection against illegal copying of produced books and charts. This was especially important for the atlases which were made with extensive initial costs. Van Keulen named his firm 'In de Gekroonde Lootsman' ('In the Crowned Pilot'). Soon Van Keulen struck a deal with cartographer Claes Jansz. Vooght. From 1681 onwards the Nieuwe Lichtende Zee-Fakkel appeared, a five-volume atlas for which Vooght compiled the maps[1] and which was illustrated by Jan Luyken. The five volume Zee-Fakkel made Johannes van Keulen famous. The Zee-Fakkel was published in 5 volumes between 1681 and 1684 containing over 130 new charts. (Wikipedia)

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