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Marzolla, Benedetto

Australia occidentale ed Isola di Van-Diemen.

Antique Australia occidentale ed Isola di Van-Diemen.

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  • Naples
  • 1848
  • Lithograph / Original color.
  • 1848
  • Australia
  • map
  • 43 x 50 cm (17 x 19,75 inches).
  • 23141
  • In excellent condition. Small tears, not affecting the image.

Article description

Article description

Original antique lithograph, original hand color in outline. This sheet with two maps was published in Benedetto Marzolla's rare atlas 'Atlante Geografico...'. Benedetto Marzolla (Brindisi, March 14, 1801 – Naples, May 10, 1858) was an Italian cartographer and geographer. In Naples he was a statistics editor in the Ministry of the Interior and a topographic engineer in the Royal Topographical Office. He was the author of over 170 maps, including topographical, chorographic and geographical, collected in atlases of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and in universal geographical atlases. Benedetto Marzolla was born in Brindisi to Carlo and Elisabetta They. He was educated at the pious schools of the Piarist Fathers in Brindisi and immediately showed an aptitude for mathematics and science subjects, as well as a real passion for geography, maps and drawing. Brindisi - Portico of the cloister of the monastery complex of the former pious schools. In 1819 he moved to Naples to devote himself to the study of military engineering, and "under the tutelage of his wealthy maternal uncle, Giuseppe They," he graduated as a Bourbon officer at the age of twenty. In Naples he had the opportunity to get to know the director of the R. Topographical Office, the then Colonel Ferdinando Visconti, who was positively impressed and "was pleased to welcome him in 1821 to the institution he headed with the qualifications of topographer-lieutenant engineer, third class to welcome". Marzolla retained this rank and position until 1822, when, following the failure of the Carbonaro-Masonic revolts of 1820–21 and the resulting persecutions and purges, the General Staff was abolished and the Topographic Office was placed under the direct control of the Minister of War and Navy, Visconti was removed from the army and relieved of the leadership of the topographical office, and Marzolla, suspected of liberal ideas, was arrested and imprisoned for a few months. (Wikipedia)

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