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Fischer von Erlach, Bernhard Johann

Die große Sinesische Brücke zwischen der Haupt-Statt Fochen und deren Vorstatt Nantai

Antique Die große Sinesische Brücke zwischen der Haupt-Statt Fochen und deren Vorstatt Nantai

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  • Wien
  • 1721
  • Copper engraving
  • map
  • 1721
  • 29.4 x 42,3 cm (11.5 x 16,75 inches).
  • 33321
  • In excellent condition. Some spots at the image.

Article description

Article description

Original copper engraving, uncolored. Plate XIII from the third volume of Fischer von Erlach's monumental opus "Entwurff Eine Historischen Architectur" Vienna 1721 Johann Bernhard Fischer, since 1696 Fischer von Erlach (born July 20, 1656 in Graz, † April 5, 1723 in Vienna), was an Austrian Baroque architect and father of Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach. "Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach (1656-1723) established the leading position of the German late baroque in Europe with his buildings in Vienna and Salzburg Palais Trautson. In Salzburg he stood out primarily with church buildings such as the Holy Trinity Church and the Collegiate Church. In addition to his European importance as an architect, there is the equal theorist Fischer von Erlach. With his engraving "draft of a historical architecture" published in 1721, he leads the tradition of classical architectural treatises, but at the same time drafts his vision of a world architecture that culminates in his own works. He not only places his own buildings on an equal footing with the famous works of antiquity, in them he draws the sum of all previous architecture and thus even surpasses antiquity. " (

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