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Braun, Georg & Hogenberg, Franz

Diversi Dithmarsorum et vicinarum gentium habitus

Antique Diversi Dithmarsorum et vicinarum gentium habitus

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  • G. Braun & F. Hogenberg , Cologne
  • 1598
  • Antique Map, map
  • 1598
  • Copper engraving / later handcolor
  • Costumes of Dithmarschen
  • 360 by 492mm (14 by 19 inches).
  • 22533
  • In excellent condition. 360 by 492mm (14 by 19 inches).

Article description

Article description

Original copper engraving, later hand colored, published 1572-78 in volume I of the town book 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum' by Braun and Hogenberg. The entire series of the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum' comprised six volumes and was published and printed from 1572 towards 1619. Verschiedene Kostüme aus Dithmarschen und Umgebung. Zu jedem Kostümsatz gibt es einen kleinen Kommentar. Die Figuren sind von links nach rechts: bewaffnete Männer, verheiratete und unverheiratete Frauen aus Dithmarschen sowie verheiratete und unverheiratete Frauen aus Eiderstedt, gefolgt von verschiedenen Kleidungsstilen aus Eiderstedt, Ockholm, Nordstrand und Haderstedt, den Inseln Fohr, Sildia und Stapelholm. costumes from Dithmarschen and the surrounding areas. Some slight commentary accompanies each set of costumes. The figures are from left to right: armed men, married and unmarried women from Dithmarschen, and married and unmarried women from Eiderstedt, followed by various styles of dress from Eiderstedt, Ockholm, Nordstrand and Haderstedt, the islands of Fohr, Sildia and Stapelholm. Georg Braun (also Brunus, Bruin; 1541 – 10 March 1622) was a topo-geographer. From 1572 to 1617 he edited the Civitates orbis terrarum, which contains 546 prospects, bird's-eye views and maps of cities from all around the world. He was the principal editor of the work, he acquired the tables, hired the artists, and wrote the texts. He died as an octogenarian in 1622, as the only survivor of the original team to witness the publication of volume VI in 1617. Braun was born and died in Cologne. His principal profession was as a Catholic cleric. However, he spent thirty-seven years as canon and dean at the church, St. Maria ad Gradus, in Cologne. His six-volume work was inspired by Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia. In form and layout it resembles the 1570 Theatrum orbis terrarum by Abraham Ortelius, as Ortelius was interested in a complementary companion for the Theatrum. The Braun publication set new standards in cartography for over 100 years. Frans Hogenberg (1535–1590, from Mechelen) created the tables for volumes I through IV, and Simon van den Neuwel created those for volumes V and VI. Other contributors were Joris Hoefnagel, Jacob Hoefnagel, cartographer Daniel Freese, and Heinrich Rantzau. Works by Jacob van Deventer, Sebastian Münster, and Johannes Stumpf were also used. Primarily European cities are depicted in the publication; however, Cairo Casablanca and Mexico City as well as Cuzco on one sheet are also included in volume I, whereas Tunis is featured in volume II. Frans Hogenberg (1535–1590) was a Flemish and German painter, engraver, and mapmaker. Hogenberg was born in Mechelen in Flanders as the son of Nicolaas Hogenberg. In 1568 he was banned from Antwerp by the Duke of Alva and travelled to London, where he stayed a few years before emigrating to Cologne. He is known for portraits and topographical views as well as historical allegories. He also produced scenes of contemporary historical events. Hogenberg died in Cologne. (Wikipedia)

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