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Theunis, Jacobsz & Lootsman, Jacob and Casparus

Cust van Hollant Tusschen de Maes ende Texel 't Amsterdam, By Iacob Theunisz opt water inde Lootsman


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  • Jacques & Gasper Anthoine , Amsterdam
  • 1662
  • Antique Map, map
  • Copper engraving / Uncolored
  • 1662
  • Dutch coast from Texel to Delft, Scan
  • 428 by 528mm (16¾ by 20¾ inches).
  • Koeman Jac. 14 (and a variant of Jac 33) #35
  • 15960
  • A strong impression in overall good to very good condition, however there is one carefully mended tear going from the right margin into the blank sea (right side above the compass-rose).

Article description

Article description

Detailled sea chart is showing the North Sea with with its coast from Texel towards Delft and S. Gravenhage. The map is ornated in the upper left corner with a small title cartouche, two compass roses and a small ship. Near the upper right corner we find a mileage scale to convert Dutch, Spanish, English & French leagues to degrees.

Koeman Jac. 14 (and a variant of Jac 33) #35

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