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Nouvelle Carte des Decouvertes Faites Par des Vaisseaux Russiens Aux Cótes Inconnues De L´Amerique Septentrionale...

Antique Nouvelle Carte des Decouvertes Faites Par des Vaisseaux Russiens Aux Cótes Inconnues De L´Amerique Septentrionale Avec Les Pais Adiacents. Dessée sur des memoiresquthentiques de ceux, Qui out assiste a ces decouvertes, et sur d´autres Connoifsances, A St. Petersbourg a l´Academie Imperiale des Scienceds 1773

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  • St. Petersburg
  • 1773
  • Copper engraving
  • map
  • 1773
  • Pacific Northwest
  • 465 by 640mm (18¼ by 25¼ inches).
  • 31585
  • In excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Original copper engraving. Map of Northwest America and the Russian Far East, including Bering Strait, showing exploration routes from Bering, Chirikov, and other Russian explorers. The map depicts from eastern Nowaja Semlja to Hudson Bay and from the Arctic Ocean to California and Honshu, Japan. One of the most important individual results of the expedition was the mapping and representation of the northeastern part of Asia. In 1754, the Department of Geography of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences published a map entitled Nouvelle Carte des Découvertes faites par des Vaisseaux Russiens, which also recorded the shipping routes Vitus Berings and Alexei Ilyich Tschirikows. The newly acquired geographic information was very well received across Europe and spread quickly.

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