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Cantelli, Giacomo da Vignola

Tartaria D Europa ouero Piccola Tartaria divisa da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola ne Tartari Nogai e del Crim, o di...

Antique Tartaria D Europa ouero Piccola Tartaria divisa da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola ne Tartari Nogai e del Crim, o di Precop Soggetti al proprio Kam ne Tartari di Budziack, d Oczackow, e di Dobruss, Soggetti al Turco. ne Tartari Circassi, e di Mordua soggetti al Gran Duca di Moscovia e nelle Due Uckraine una abitata da Cosacchi Tanaiti Soggetti al Moscovita, l altra da Cosacchi di Zaporowa, ora liberi, e già dipendenti dalla Polania Data in Luce da Gio. Giac. de Rossi dalle sue Stampe in Roma alla Pa

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  • Gio. Iacomo Rossi , Roma
  • 1684
  • Antique Map, map
  • Copper engraving / Uncolored
  • 1684
  • Ukraine with Black Sea
  • 430 by 445mm (17 by 17 inches).
  • 24197
  • In excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Copper engraving, uncolored as published. This highly interesting map shows the Black Sea, the Ukraine with White Russia (Belarus) including the neighboring Georgia and Armenia. The map is equipped at the bottom with a highly decorative armorial title cartouche, further with many engraved place names (cities and small villages), rivers, lakes, woods, mountains, political borders, etc. This map was engraved by Franciscus Doria. The cartographer of this map is Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola (1643-1695), he worked in Modena in Italy and published many maps in Giovanni Iacomo Rossi s atlas in Rome.

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