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Atlas Contractus five Mapparum Geographicarum Sansoniarum auelarum et correctarum Nova Congeries [title-page]

Antique Atlas Contractus five Mapparum Geographicarum Sansoniarum auelarum et correctarum Nova Congeries [title-page]

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  • Amsterdam
  • 1700
  • Copper engraving / Original color.
  • map
  • Title page
  • c. 1700-04
  • 455 by 281mm (18 by 11 inches).
  • 30088
  • In exellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Original copper engraving hand colored when published c. 1700-04. This beautiful old colored title page depicts Europe, in form of a woman, standing on a chariot and pointing on the big globe in the middle of the engraving. On the globe there is a trumpet angel with the cartouche on the instrument. Neptune is leaning against the left side of the globe. In the background the titan Atlas is holding the Earth on his shoulders. Engraved by Jac. Baptist after a drawing by Ger. Lairesse.

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