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Mortier, Pierre

Carte Particuliere de L´Amerique septentrionale, ou font Compris le Destroit de Davids le des Troit de Hudson, &c....

Antique Carte Particuliere de L´Amerique septentrionale, ou font Compris le Destroit de Davids le des Troit de Hudson, &c. dreffe fur les Relations les plus Nouvelles. A Amsterdam. Chez Pierre Mortier, Libraire. Avec Privilege de nas Seigneurs les Etats.

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  • Mortier , Amsterdam
  • 1704
  • Antique Map, map
  • Copper engraving / Uncolored
  • 1704
  • Baffins Bay - Hudson Bay - Greenland
  • 585 by 825mm (23 by 32½ inches).
  • 14260
  • Printed from 2 plates. A strong impression in excellent condition. 585 by 825mm (23 by 32½ inches).

Article description

Article description

Copper engraving, uncolored as published. This map was published ca.1704 in Pierre Mortier's famous sea-atlas 'Le Neptune Francois'. Large detailed and interesting map by the famous French cartographer Nicolaus Sanson published in the Dutch edition of the famous sea atlas 'Le Neptune Francois ...' in Amsterdam at Pierre Mortier. This rare and antique sea chart map is equipped with compass roses and two large title text cartouches in the upper corners. Along the coast lines we do find many engraved place names, islands, etc. The map extends in the Northern Atlantic towards Iceland.

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