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Radefeld, Hauptmann von

Neueste Karte von Schweden und Norwegen 1844 Entworf. u. gezeich. v. Hauptm. Radefeld.

Antique Neueste Karte von Schweden und Norwegen 1844 Entworf. u. gezeich. v. Hauptm. Radefeld.

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  • Meyers. , Hildburghausen
  • 1844
  • Antique Map, map
  • Steel engraving, original color
  • Schweden and Norway
  • 1844.
  • 300 by 375mm (11 by 14 inches).
  • 13624
  • In excellent condition. 300 by 375mm (11 by 14 inches).

Article description

Article description

Original steel engraving engraved and drawn by Capt. Radefeld, published in Meyer's Handatlas, hand colored in outline when published. Decorative and detailed map of Sweden and Norway. In the upper left corner is a small inset map of Stockholm, as well two other inset maps with the surrounding of Christiania and Göteburg.

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