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Münster, Sebastian

Die Statt Lindau im Bodensee auff einer Freyen Inseln gelegen, geringe und mit Wasser umgeben.

Antique Die Statt Lindau im Bodensee auff einer Freyen Inseln gelegen, geringe und mit Wasser umgeben.

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  • Basel,
  • 1578
  • Print
  • 1578
  • Woodcut, uncolored.
  • Bodensee
  • 263 by 343mm (10¼ by 13½ inches).
  • 28128
  • Woodcut on the text page as published. In excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Woodcut published 1628 in the 'Cosmographia' by Sebastian Münster, printed on the full text sheet. German text edition. Early and decorative bird´s eye view of imperial city Lindau at the Lake Constance with the island Mainau in the foreground and the mountains in the background. The woodcut was cut first in 1569. Grown out of a market settlement of the Lindau Canon Foundation, which was founded in the 9th century on an island in eastern Lake Constance. The economic boom and royal politics made the city more independent towards the monastery, so that it rose to the imperial city. Because of its convenient location, it served as a hub for trade. In terms of foreign policy, the city was always exposed to the interests of the Counts of Montfort and Austria. Nevertheless, she was able to build up a small territory on the nearby mainland. While the monastery remained Catholic, the city joined the Reformation. Lindau came to the princes of Bretzenheim in 1802, to Austria in 1804 and to Bavaria in 1806. (Historisches Lexikon Bayerns)

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