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Tardieu, Pierre Francois

Carte du Péloponèse.

Antique Carte du Péloponèse.

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  • Paris
  • 1780
  • Greece
  • map
  • Copper engraving, colored in outline.
  • um 1797
  • 34.5 x 43,5 cm (13.5 x 17,25 inches).
  • In excellent condition.
  • 34633
  • In excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Original antique copper engraving, colored in outline when published. Antique map of the Peloponnes in Greece, hand colored in outline. Many place names, rivers and mountains are shown. Title cartouche in the lower left corner, mile sclae in the left sided middle. Pierre Antoine Tardieu, also known as P.F. Tardieu (March 9, 1784 in Paris – July 17, 1869 in Paris) was a French engraver, steel engraver and cartographer. Pierre Antoine Tardieu was born in his family's ancestral home on Place de Estrapade. He was taught his craft by his father, Antoine François Tardieu. He was the first of his family to carry out his maps in steel engraving. The extraordinary quality of his work even drew the attention of Alexander von Humboldt. In 1818 he married Eugénie-Isabelle de Bonnaire.[1] In the years 1832 to 1834 he was involved in several arms dealerships as a volunteer in the reintroduced Garde Nationale. During this time he also became an elementary school inspector. He also took part in the industrial exhibition in 1834, where he received the bronze medal from Louis-Philippe I for his work. In 1837 he was finally appointed Knight of the Legion of Honour. He worked in his father's workshop for a total of 25 years before becoming self-employed. However, he continued to live in the house where he was born until his death. In 1861 he retired at the age of 77.

In excellent condition.

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