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Prior, Thomas Abiel

The golden Bough

From the picture in the Vernon Gallery

Antique The golden Bough

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  • London
  • 1851
  • 1851
  • Steel engraving, hand colored
  • map
  • 16.4 x 25,2 cm (6.5 x 10 inches).
  • 35942
  • In excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Original antique hand colored steel engraving after the painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775–1851. This theme comes from Virgil's poem, the "Aeneid". The Trojan hero Aeneas has come to Cumae to consult the prophetess Sibyl. She tells him that the only way he can enter the underworld to meet his father's spirit is if he offers Proserpine a golden branch cut from a sacred tree. Turner shows the Sibyl holding a sickle and the freshly cut branch in front of Lake Avernus, the legendary gateway to the underworld. The dancing figures are the fates. Like the serpent in the foreground, amidst the beauty of the landscape, they point to death and the mysteries of the underworld. (Wikipedia)

From the picture in the Vernon Gallery

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