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Theunis, Jacobsz & Lootsman, Jacob and Casparus

a. De Texel Stroom en de Gaten van Marsdiep. Inset (c. 24 x 12cm) : Caarte vande Rede en Haven van Medenblick hoemen...

Antique a. De Texel Stroom en de Gaten van Marsdiep. Inset (c. 24 x 12cm) : Caarte vande Rede en Haven van Medenblick hoemen die comen soo van 't Wieringer als Vriesch vlack beseylen mogen tot dienst en nut voor alle zeevaren luyden, perfectelyc gemete en afgepeylt. Beschreven A. 1659 uyt speciale last van E.H. Burgemeesteren en de Regeerders der voorss Stadt Medenblick. 43,2 x 26,7 cm b. Caerte van De Mase, Ende het Goereesche gat. (43,2 x 27 cm)

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  • Jacques & Gasper Anthoine , Amsterdam
  • 1662
  • Antique Map, map
  • Copper engraving / Uncolored
  • 1662
  • Texel and Maase river
  • 432 by 540mm (17 by 21¼ inches).
  • Koeman Jac. 14 (and a variant of Jac 33) #36
  • 15961
  • A strong impression in overall good to very good condition, however there are two older very carefully mended tears or thin places in the paper of the 'Maase' map (in the blank sea between right of the lower centerfold and the compass-rose. 432 by 540mm (17 by 21¼ inches).

Article description

Article description

Two sea-charts on one doublepage. The left one is showing Medenblick, Texel and Wieringen. Additional there is a small inset of Medenblick and Enckhuysen. On the other map the area of the river Maase with Rotterdam, Scheidam towards West Voeren is detailled shown. Both maps are ornated with title-cartouches and compass-roses. As well we find a milage scales to convert Dutch, English & French leagues to degrees. The maps are very accurately engraved, towns, harbour-places, sandbanks, depths are marked.

Koeman Jac. 14 (and a variant of Jac 33) #36

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