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Theunis, Jacobsz & Lootsman, Jacob and Casparus

De Custen van Denemarcken, en Sweden, van Valsterbon tot Schenckenes, als mede de custen van Pomeren van 't...

Antique De Custen van Denemarcken, en Sweden, van Valsterbon tot Schenckenes, als mede de custen van Pomeren van 't eylant Rugen tot Ryghooft. 't Amsterdam, By Iacob Theunisz. op't water inde Lootsman.

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  • Jacques & Gasper Anthoine , Amsterdam
  • 1662
  • Antique Map, map
  • 1662
  • Copper engraving / later handcolor
  • Baltic Sea - Sweden - Rügen - Denmark
  • 432 by 533mm (17 by 21 inches).
  • Koeman Jac. 14 (and a variant of Jac 33) #26
  • 15951
  • A decorative handcoloured map, in a strong impression and excellent condition.

Article description

Article description

Detailled seachart of a part of the Baltic Sea with the Southern Swedish coast from Schoenen towards Calmer with the island of Oeland. As well the islands Meun, Bornholm, Rügen and the Southern tip of Gothland are shown. Below is the Pommeranian coastline from Stralsund towards Rygshooft, showing prominent the island of Rügen. The map is equipped with many details, names of towns and villages along the coastlines, anchor places, islands and sandbanks with marked depths. The map is ornated in the upper left corner with a large title-cartouche, one compass-rose and a ship. In the lower right corner we find a milage scale to convert Dutch, Spanish, English & French leagues to degrees.

Koeman Jac. 14 (and a variant of Jac 33) #26

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