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Waldseemüller, Martin

Lotharingia (Lothringen mit Saarland)

Antique Lotharingia (Lothringen mit Saarland)

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  • Straßburg
  • 1522
  • Woodcut, original colors.
  • map
  • 1522
  • Saarland and Lothringen
  • 33.2 x 22,7 cm (13 x 9 inches).
  • Speculum Orbis Ausgabe 4. Jahrgang 1988-1993 Seite 79
  • 33573
  • In excellent condition. Provenance: Peter H. Köhl, illustrated in 'Speculum Orbis issue 4th edition 1988-1993' page 79.

Article description

Article description

Woodcut map, published in the Ptolemy edition by Waldseemüller, 1522 in Strasbourg. Old colored example. One of the earliest woodcut maps of the region Saarland and Lothringen with the neighbouring Luxembourg. Waldseemüller deserves the credit of having designed the oldest map of Lorraine and Westrich. After the death of his patron Duke Rene II, he handed a copy of this map over to his son and successor Anton II (1508-1544) in 1508. This unique piece in the large cartographic complete work was probably also an important reason for the Duke's thanks. In 1514 he gave Waldseemüller a canonical in Saint-Dié. Waldseemüller is considered one of the first scientific specialists among the polyhistorically minded humanists of his time. He built on Ptolemy, but realized that his cartographic worldview was outdated. From map to map, he designed a new worldview by bringing together the geographical knowledge of the Middle Ages with the results of the discoveries of the Portuguese and Spaniards. With the Strasbourg Ptolemy Edition in 1513 he deliberately made a distinction between ancient and modern cartography. Since 2005, the Waldseemüller map has been part of the World Document Heritage as a joint proposal by the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and the German nomination committee for the Memory of the World program. Until 2003, the Waldseemüller card was owned by Prince Johannes zu Waldburg-Wolfegg and Waldsee, located in the Wolfegg Castle library. Since then she has been in the United States of America. Permission to sell the card was granted by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the federal government.

Speculum Orbis Ausgabe 4. Jahrgang 1988-1993 Seite 79

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