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Mortier, Cornelius & Covens, Jean.

Nouveau plan de Gibraltar, avec ces Fortifications &c. A. Amsterdam Chez Jean Cóvens et Corneille Mortier. 1727. -...

Antique Nouveau plan de Gibraltar, avec ces Fortifications &c. A. Amsterdam Chez Jean Cóvens et Corneille Mortier. 1727. - Vue de la Ville de Gibraltar du Coté du Detroit. Gesigt van de Stadt van Gibraltar von de Straat te Sien. A View of the town of Gibraltar from the bay. - Vue de Gibraltar du Coté du nord ouest. Gesigt van Gibraltar van het noord westen te Sien. A view of Gibraltar from the north west.

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  • Covens , Amsterdam
  • 1727
  • Antique Map
  • Copper engraving / Uncolored
  • Gibraltar
  • 1727
  • 488 by 572mm (19¼ by 22½ inches).
  • 18340
  • In very good condition. A few marginal spots.

Article description

Article description

Copper engraving, uncolored as published. This large decorative map shows a plan of Gibraltar with its fortifications. The map is equipped with an explanation of the map in the upper right and left corner. In the centre of the map are two views of Gibraltar. At the bottom is an inset map showing the street Gibraltar with the North African coast and the Balearic islands Menorca and Mallorca. The other inset map at the bottom shows the bay of Gibraltar with battle ships.

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