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Buchon, Jean Alexandre

Ètats-Unis D Amerique 1825.

Antique Ètats-Unis D Amerique 1825.

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  • Carez , Paris
  • 1825
  • Copper engraving / Original color.
  • Antique Map, map
  • 1825
  • United States
  • 426 by 532mm (16 by 21 inches).
  • 23549
  • In excellent condition. 426 by 532mm (16 by 21 inches).

Article description

Article description

Copper engraving, hand colored in outline and wash. Engraved by Ales after the map of the United States by John Melish, published in Jean Alexandre C. Buchon's ,Atlas Geographique des deux Ameriques' in Paris 1825. This edition by Jean Alexandre Buchon was published three years after Carey & Lea s important American Atlas. Jean Buchon issued his revised French edition of the atlas 1825 in Paris. Fine engraved map showing the United States in 1825. Detailed map showing the various states with its political borders in fine colors. This interesting map is showing the remainder of the Louisiana Territory: the Missouri Territory and the Arkansas Territory. The area of the great plains is named Grand Desert Americain , derived from Stephen H. Long s important expedition of 1819-20. With many engraved place names, rivers, mountains, etc. Further the map provides good information on the river system of the United States, names of Indian tribes are engraved, as well trails. With the neighboring Texas and New Mexico, also in the Northwest the map extends towards the Oregon Territory. General map of the US published in Jean Alexandre Buchon s atlas. The map is based on John Melish's map in 1823 of the United States.

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