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Robert, Sr.

Britannicae, Insulae in quibus Albion Seu Britannia Major, et Ivernia seu Britannia Minor juaeta Ptolemaei mentem...

Antique Britannicae, Insulae in quibus Albion Seu Britannia Major, et Ivernia seu Britannia Minor juaeta Ptolemaei mentem divsae, tùm in suas majores partes, tùm in populos caehibentur, à Nicolao Sanson Christ. Regis Geographo. Revisae, et ad Observationes astronomicas redactae, accurante Robert de Vaugondy filio, Cum Privilegio Regis.

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  • Sr. Robert , Paris
  • 1752
  • Copper engraving / Original color.
  • Antique Map, map
  • British Isles
  • 1752/55.
  • 490 by 535mm (19¼ by 21 inches).
  • 17485
  • In excellent condition. 490 by 535mm (19¼ by 21 inches).

Article description

Article description

Copper-engraving, handcolored in outline, when published. Detailed map by the French cartographer Sr. Robert de Vaugondy. The map shows detailled England, Scotland and Ireland. The map pretty much to date on the newest cartographic sources for this period around 1752-55, engraved after the cartographic sources by Nicolaus Sanson. With many engraved historical place names of cities and villages, streets and routes and mountain chains are shown as well. Ornated with a large decorative allegoric title cartouche in the upper left corner.

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